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Who We Are

Wellness Evolution is an Australian first, a business dedicated to helping you unlock the secrets of your body's potential to heal itself and live a life of enrichment and vitality.

Wellness Evolution will help you find real solutions to your individual health needs.  We will support you to heal your own body at the cellular level, using advanced molecular techniques that are proven to switch on the immune system and open new pathways to healing.

Bringing you the most technologically advanced products, techniques and supplements backed by robust, cutting-edge neur-immune and epigenetics scientific research,  Wellness Evolution is about becoming your own health care advocate and striving for optimum performance from your body so that you can be your best, give your best and feel your best every day!

We are the number ONE supplier of the revolutionary GcMaf immunotherapy that is taking wellness to a new level!  Our potent, pure and quality assured GcMaf product range will switch on your immune system, and heal your body the way it was designed to.  Don't let anything get in the way of a better quality of life.  Order your GcMafplus products today. 

We are the ONLY Australian supplier of the increasingly popular JOOVV Red Light Therapy systems, applauded by health and wellnessworld leaders such as celebrity chef, Pete Evans, Dr Joseph Mercola (World's #1 Natural Health Website Founder), Dr Michael Hamblin (Top leading researcher in the field of light therapy), Ben Greenfield (America's Top Personal Trainer), TJ Dillashaw (UFC Champion) and more!


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The team at Wellness Evolution are currently looking for interested health care practitioners to become a GcMafplus wholesaler.  Please email us to find out more. 

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