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Detox!  What is it?  Is it good for me?  What are the benefits?  And is it time consuming?

Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and skin.

It was only recently that people really came to understand what this term even meant, for we assumed that toxins came into our systems only through smoking or living a lifestyle with bad habits. Though that is certainly part of it, you may very well be taking in more toxins than you even realise each and every day.  You are breathing in environmental toxins, and you are likely also eating, drinking, and consuming toxins every single day.  After a while, this can really be taxing on your health, which further illustrates the need to detoxify!

It’s important to note that some detox methods take time and that’s why it’s really about working to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may take on a few of the following strategies and find that they work so well and help you to feel so good that you want to keep going.  

Through adopting some detoxification methods into your daily health care routine, you are going to naturally boost your immune system, which will help you to stay healthy in the short term.  If you continue to detoxify your body and your lifestyle, it will help you in the prevention of disease.  Your skin will look more radiant, you will have more energy and focus, your body will be able to fight off pathogens easier, you will feel happier, and you will make the most of each day!

Here is a list of some of the most popular forms of helping your body to detoxify.  Some of these methods take a while to set up, others only take a few minutes each day:

  • Probiotics - high quality prebiotics to feed the good bacteria in our gut, and high quality probiotics to crowd out the bad bacteria and populate your gut with a better balance of good and bad bacteria.
  • Lemon water - Start your day off with a cleansing cup of warm water with slices of lemon and a good squeeze of lemon juice in it.  This kick starts the kidneys and liver into action for the day ahead.  Drink on an empty stomach 20 minutes before your breakfast.  Use a straw to prevent damage to your teeth and gums from the acidity of the lemon juice in your mouth.
  • Drinking Ozonated water or Activated Molecular Hydrogen water every day.  This will help create an alkaline environment in your body which has great health benefits.
  • Try to drink at least six to eight glasses of filtered water every day
  • Take a binder - The following binders help toxins cling to them to be excreted through the digestive system and prevents re-absorption into the body.  This helps toxins to be taken out of the body using your digestive process, and not your liver and kidneys which are more sensitive to damage from toxins. Popular examples of binders include: Activated Charcoal, Zeolite, Diatomaceous Earth (DE).  Taken either last thing at night before bed or first thing in the morning, 2 hours away from any food or medications.
  • Regular massage - specifically lymphatic massage.  The lymphatic system is our garbage bin of our body!  It is through the lymphatic system that all our cellular waste, our toxins, dead bacteria and viral parts are transported through the body to the major detox organs (liver and kidneys) for processing and excretion.  Giving the lymphatic areas a very gentle massage a couple of times a week can help to increase the flow of a stagnated flow.  Using Ozonated Olive Oil as your massage oil can increase the benefits of massage by introducing additional oxygen into the epidermis and lymphatic system.  
  • Drinking green tea or other well-known detox teas such as ginger, dandelion, matcha or milk thistle.
  • Gentle exercise such as Thai Chi, or Yoga and mindfulness meditation to cleanse the whole being (body, mind and spirit)
  • Air purifiers - to keep the air you breathe in your living spaces free from everyday air pollutants.
  • Colon Cleanse with gentle ingredients such as Ozonated Olive Oil suppositories to gently cleanse the intestinal tract, removing the build up of faecal build up on the insides of the colon wall.
  • Fasting - Intermittent fasting for one to three days maximum supporting your body with fresh juices and plenty of water throughout the fast.  *Any longer than three days and we strongly advise to seek supervision for your fast with your health care practitioner.  This takes the load off your liver and kidneys and enables them to process built-up toxins and fat stores.

Greens, greens, greens!

The backbone of any detox regime is healthy, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.  Eating, juicing, blending or extracting loads of fresh and dried green vegetables is the perfect way to increase essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your body.  Those found specifically in green fruits and vegetables support the detoxification systems in your body like your liver and kidneys.  In this section you will find some of our favourite green juices and smoothies and also some ideas for additional green plant extract supplements to boost your daily intake. 


  • Green Zinger - 1/2 green apple, 2 celery sticks, 2 cups spinach or kale, 1/2 cucumber, chunk ginger, 1/2 lemon. 
  • Tropical Mint - 2 stalks celery, ½ cucumber, 2 cups kale or spinach, 3 cups mint leaves, 1 cup pineapple, ½ lemon
  • Super Detox - 1 cucumber, 1 cup parsley, 1 cup spinach, 2 green apples, 2cm fresh turmeric, ½ lime, 1 beet


  • Mint re-leaf - 1 cup coconut water. 1/2 cucumber. 1/2 avocado. 1 cup baby spinach. juice of 1 lemon, handful of mint leaves. 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • Metabolism Boosting Green Smoothie - 1 orange peeled, ⅓ cup strawberries, 1 cup raw spinach, 1 cup almond milk
  • Scrub Yourself Clean Green Smoothie: ½ cup strawberries, ¼ cup pineapple, 1 cup broccoli florets, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 cup almond milk

Greens Extracts

  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Spirulina Extract
  • Cilantro Extract

Activated Molecular Hydrogen Rich Water - A Powerful Detoxifier and Antioxidant!

Activated Molecular Hydrogen Rich Water, or hydrogenated water contain active hydrogen ions that act as powerful antioxidants in your body.  The ions help eliminate oxygen free radicals that contribute to the development of illness and ultimately are responsible for the aging process.  


  • Lubricates joints and muscles; our body is 70% water
  • Keeps our minds alert; the brain is over 70% water needing hydration to function
  • Anti-inflammatory and Anti-allergy
  • Decreases lactic acid build-up during exercise, helps to facilitate faster recovery
  • Improves skin elasticity - helps hydrate the skin which improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps the body absorb nutrients
  • Aids in detoxification, circulation and digestion
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Neuro-protective effects
  • Stimulates metabolism to prevent weight gain
  • Detoxifies cells and the whole body (supports the function of the liver and kidneys and the skin: the three main detox organs)
  • Improves blood pressure, decreases headaches, arthritic symptoms, back pain, and chronic illness symptoms
  • Stabilises cholesterol levels
  • Helps to heal Gastrointestinal disorders

Heavy Metal Chelation and Stem Cell Production by Oradix

We have to live our lives in a much polluted environment that has 80 000 man-made chemicals, 700 contaminants in the average adult and 200+ industrial chemicals and pollutants in the umbilical cord blood in the newborn. Toxins can’t be ignored anymore.  Medical research is clear about the domino effects.  Outstanding health can’t be maintained without a healthy immune system.  Yet, a strong immune system depends on low toxic load, quality nutrients and healthy habits such as regular exercises.  A detoxified bone marrow (with StemDetox) produces more stem cells and helps to enhance the telomere, the removal of all toxins (ToxDetox), the systemic de-calcification (arterial walls, removal of brain-sand), and the elevation of the level of Glutathione goes a very long way to support the body on the cellular level that is truly transformational for the individual.  The highest quality products researched and formulated safely removes all of the toxins from the body, plus the ‘de-calcification’ (arteries, brain-sand, etc.) and immune boosting (Glutathione) aspects are unique advantages of our detoxification protocols.

24 Benefits to Heavy Metal Chelation and Stem Cell production:

1.  Anti-aging effects and energy: helps to increase healthy life expectancy; elevates NO (nitric oxide) levels that relaxes blood vessels and also triggers stem cells' differentiation; resuscitates cell's mitochondria resulting in the production of more ATP and overall more energy. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) benefits from chelation;

2.  Cosmetic changes: more lustrous hair, added eye sparkle, stronger unsplit nails, better skin colour, texture and tone, fewer visible wrinkles, lightened age spots, and overall a more youthful appearance;

3.  Improves taste, hearing, and vision; post-cataract surgery vision loss restored; dissolves small cataracts; decreases macular degeneration(3/1); improves vision in diabetic retinopathy;

4.  Helps to prevent or reverse arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) by reducing the free radical generating toxic metals and stimulating parathyroid hormone (PTH) activity, resulting in the removal of calcium and plaque buildup. PTH increased 2 1/2 fold after EDTA chelation (ToxDetox) (3 grams) treatment;

5.  Rejuvenates the whole cardiovascular system: reduces blood pressure; improvement in chest pain (angina pectoris) in 19 out of 20 patients(5/1); reduces cholesterol levels(5/2); normalises cardiac arrhythmia's, rapid heart beats, skipped beats, and extra heart beats; reduces blood cholesterol levels;

6.  Damaging 'micro-antenna' effects of EMF (electro magnetic field) radiation emitted by cell phones, cell phone towers, WiFi, microwave ovens, etc. are more destructive the higher are the metal levels in the body.  It is suggested that keeping the metal levels low in the body (with chelation) might be the best preventative step to avoid the negative effects of EMF;

7.  EDTA has both strong 'antibiotic' effects on its own and through its profound bacterial biofilm disrupting effects. These dual actions can turn Multi Drug-Resistant (MDR) microorganisms into resistant ones, highlighting the lifesaving role EDTA can play.  In a study, EDTA treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms resulted in 1,000 fold greater killing than treatment with the antibiotic Gentamicin;

8.  Strongest Anti-Candida effect: EDTA demonstrated the highest anti-fungal activity in comparison with anti-fungal drugs such as nystatin and ketoconazole (ToxDetox).  Due to the interaction between Candida and toxic heavy metals, it is hard to get rid of Candida without the removal of the toxic metals first;

9.  Restores the healthy, normal distribution of essential nutritional minerals and metallic elements (chromium, cobalt, zinc, etc.) within cells. A spectrum of such metals has been shown to accumulate to toxic levels in both diseased and stressed cells;

10,  Re-balances hormones, could reduce or eliminate need for hormone replacements. Without the proper distribution and right amount of minerals (blocked also by the accumulation of toxic ), vitamins are useless, enzymes cannot function properly and certain hormones become out of balance;

11.  Lowers insulin requirements in diabetic, can save legs in diabetic ulcers, accelerates the healing of lower leg infections and gangrene;

12.  Helps as a pre-operative preparation due to increased tissue oxgenation, better cellular nutritional status, and faster post-operative recovery;

13.  Important before any stem cell treatment as a a) detoxified bone marrow, b) detoxified stem cells, and c) detoxified target organ are paramount for the success of any stem cell treatment (StemDetox);

14.  Relief from leg muscle cramps;

15.  Reduction in allergic symptoms, especially if EDTA is taken together with glutathione (this approach was successfully tested with ToxDetox); superior in reducing inflammation over steroids;

16.  Normalised weight;

17.  Improves psychological and emotional status, reduces anxiety, depression, hyperactivity;

18.  Fewer aches and pains, arthritic and otherwise, less reliance on pain medication; prevents osteoarthritis;

19.  Improves kidney function(19/1); dissolves kidney stones; reduces varicose veins;

20.  For clear mind: Alzheimer's Disease, symptoms of forgetfulness and senility reversed as memory and mental concentration improves; recently a study concluded that Autistic patients have elevated toxic metals;

21.  Beneficial in prostate enlargement and prostate cancer, especially together with a broad spectrum natural antibiotic and antiviral' product, such as StemDetox (clinical cases attest to its benefits), can reverse impotence, reduced need for diuretics;

22.  Cold extremities warmed;

23.  A Swiss study reported a 90% reduction in cancer mortality after chelation;

24.  Reduces serum iron levels;


Our holistic, full body detoxification protocol is unique as it covers the whole route of the toxins from the cells through the blood and even a bowel cleanse (StopReabsorb) is included to stop the re-absorption of toxins from the colon, ignored by other detox programs. This protocol is safe and balanced and used by many clinics around the world.

We suggest that you should start the detox protocol with StemDetox that opens up the capillaries, supports the liver and the kidneys, keeps the germs under pressure, and helps the lymph flow and boosts the immune system. Then you need to add ToxDetox as you would be able to excrete more toxins from the body.  This is a doctors' approved and developed, professional program, delivering outstanding results.

If you are interested in going through a holistic, full-body, deep-cellular detoxification that supports the excretions of all of the toxins, than you are at the right place!

Our detoxification protocol, developed over 15 years, is balanced and 'makes sense', a rare feat among the often over-simplified or over-complicated detox choices.  The best holistic healers know that the presence of toxic heavy metals (e.g. mercury & lead) is one of the biggest obstacles in well being.  Their removal often turns around chronic diseases; opens up plugged arteries and helps the avoidance of by-pass surgery; lowers high blood pressure; improves micro-circulation, benefits diabetics and those who typically have cold feet or hands; considered to be the first step towards ending systemic Candida infections (Did you know that EDTA is stronger against Candida than anti-Candida drugs; turns around prostate problems; Autism; ADD or ADHD; Alzheimer's; dementia and forgetfulness; MS; and others; protects from cancer - in a Swiss study chelation reduced cancer mortality by 90%[2]; and gives back your energy.

Step One:

Do a screening test with the Nissen Screening Test before starting with your first bottle of StemDetox.

Step Two:

Once you have finished with your the first bottle of StemDetox (in about three weeks), start taking the ToxDetox as well as you start with the second bottle of StemDetox. 

Now you would take StemDetox and ToxDetox (and StopReabsorb) at the same time.

Step Three:

Take the ToxDetox suppositories every second night - or every third night if you are very toxic and you need a slower rate of detoxification. 
You need to take the StopReabsorb capsules two to three hours before taking the ToxDetox suppository at night. 

The StopRebsorb capture in the gut the toxins released by the liver - through the bile duct - and keep these toxins for elimination, cutting down on the re-absorption of toxins in the colon. 


Listen to your body. If you feel that you are too tired as you detoxify, than you have to slow down by skipping a day (with ToxDetox) or by lowering the dose (of StemDetox).  The goal is to keep the toxins moving, however, the rate of excretion should be kept at the level where the liver and kidneys are able to work on the elimination of these toxins.

A good balance should be maintained.

First, you should be gentle and slow. Remember that your liver and kidneys are also loaded with toxins. These organs likely need a few weeks or more time to come out of their compromised, toxic loaded state.  As well vascularised, soft tissues, they are detoxified earlier than most other organs.


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